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Learning Journey Report: On Track Academy

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Date: April 13th, 2022

Contact: Lisa Mattson


Pre-service undergraduate students under the instruction of Dr. Lori Johnson

22 Students

3 AIER Board members

2 Faculty member from SIA

2 Professors from Whitworth University

Comments from students of New Tech Skill Center:

“At my old school I was technically doing just fine – but I was not happy

there. Here I love coming to school."

“This school saved my life – I love it here”

“This place is my home away from home – it is like my second family”

“Here there is the freedom to learn what we want to learn”

What is the school known for?

Strong, individualized, student-focused program

Providing what each student needs, when they need it

One-to-one attention between staff and students

Credit retrieval

Is there something at the school people rave about?

To be able to engage with multiple tracks to graduation

To be able to earn high school credit while pursuing individual passions and interests

Is there someone at the school people rave about?

Lisa Mattson - On Track Principal

Is there something that stood out during our visit there?

The friendly and engaged student body

Dedicated staff with shared culture

"Whatever a student needs, when they need it - that is what we do."

Accepting and supportive student culture - students feel that they are a part of an active community

Students enroll for varied amounts of time (one month to four years). The school's total enrollment fluctuates throughout the year between 400-600 students.


For students who need a school environment that is flexible to their lives and schedules, and can focus on specific needs and interests - They should look into On Track Academy!

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