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Learning Journey Report: New Tech Skill Center

Updated: May 23, 2022

Date: March 16, 2022

Contact: Kathleen Proud


Exploring Education - Pre-service undergraduate students under the instruction of Dr. Lori Johnson

22 Students

3 AIER Board members

1 Faculty member from SIA

3 Professors from Whitworth University

Comments from students of New Tech Skill Center:

"I love being here. Every day I can't wait to get out of my home-school and come here."

"This school is not just about education, it's about my future."

"Here I get to actually do what I want to be doing, instead of just talking about it."

What is the school known for?

Innovative and integrated hands-on skill and career-based education

Real world engagement with professionals in the field

Is there something at the school people rave about?

The ability to learn professional and trade skills in a hands-on environment

Learning from professionals in the field with extensive experience.

Allowing and encouraging students to engage actively in a field they are interested in

To be able to work for academic high school credentials while at the same time getting career and professional training

NTSC offers 17 different trade and professional preparation programs, all in conjunction with the completion of high school diploma requirements

Is there someone at the school people rave about?

Kathleen Proud - New Tech Skill Center Principal

Is there something that stood out during our visit there?

The mature demeanor of the student tour guides and student body in general. The students clearly learned how to interact with adults and others in a professional manner that will serve them well in the professional world.

The focus on both trade and professional skills - many students at NTSC go on to 4-year and beyond college experiences, but with a clear focus of where they want their futures to go - empowering students to take an active role in their futures.


One student, a senior at Lewis and Clark HS will graduate with a certificate in veterinary assisting – has been accepted to WSU in their pre-Veterinary program, and plans to become a Veterinarian.

Another student, a senior at Mead HS will graduate with certifications in welding science and already has a job offer to be a professional pipe-welder.


For students who are motivated towards a career focus, either in trades or in a professional capacity, this program is amazing!

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