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Learning Journey to On Track Academy

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Speaker Name: Hosted by Matthew Green

Speaker Info: Assistant Principal

Date/Time: September 22, 2023

Brief Event Description

During the learning journey visit, a student commented, "Teachers here treat you like human beings, not just numbers." Another said, “This is the best school I have ever been to – I can succeed here.”

Visitors shared the following reflections about what stood out during their visit:

  • The student body was VERY friendly and engaged

  • Students were passionate about what they were doing

  • Dedicated staff have a shared culture of “relationships first”

  • Students feel belonging and feel “known” by faculty

  • The culture is very accepting and supportive – students feel part of the community when they are there

The visit included the following people:

  • 32 Whitworth University pre-service undergraduate education students

  • 2 AIER Board Members

  • 2 Whitworth professors (Dr. Lisa Hoxie, Dr. Lori Johnson)

Other information shared about the school

What is the school known for?:

  • Dedicated faculty working to make students successful regardless of background

  • Great hands-on curriculum

  • Individualized program for each student

  • Great student and parent community

Is there something at the school people rave about?:

  • The supportive student culture - where every student can succeed.

  • Dedicated faculty offering one-on-one support for students

  • Hands on project and experiential curriculum

  • Student interests and aptitudes at the center of schoolwork.

Is there someone at the school people rave about?:

  • Matthew Green – Assistant Principal at On-Track – visionary leader for schools

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