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Learning Journey to NewTech Skills Center

Speaker Name: Hosted by David Ulyanchuk

Speaker Info: Principal/Director

Date/Time: October 2, 2023

Brief Event Description

AIER coordinated with Whitworth's School of Education

The visit included the following people:

  • 17 Whitworth University pre-service undergraduate education students

  • 2 AIER Board Members

  • 2 Whitworth professors (Dr. Lisa Hoxie, Dr. Lori Johnson)

Quotes from students about their school:

  • “ Here I am actually being prepared for my future”

  • “All the teachers here care and they know so much!”

  • “This place will lead me directly to my career”

  • “Because of this place I will graduate with a welding certificate and a job”

What is the school known for?

  • Great Career and Technical Education

  • Wide variety of programs

  • Very flexible enrollment options

Is there something at the school people rave about?

  • Eric Cook – Culinary Art Teacher - “He loves his students”

What else stood out during the visit?

  • Dedicated staff with shared culture of “relationships first”

  • Students focused on their futures – clear idea of their career pathways and how to achieve their goals

  • Super-professional attitude of all the students – they understand what it takes to function in the working world

  • Great integration of hands-on technical training and wide ranging academic skills and knowledge

  • Very accepting and supportive student culture – students feel part of the community when they are there.

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