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Education Conversation: Washington State Board of Education Featuring MJ Bolt

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The Event:

Join us for a generative conversation with Washington State Board of Education representative MJ Bolt. MJ has served for many years on the State Board of Education representing Eastern Washington to the Washington State Board and State Legislature. MJ will be engaging in a conversation about current issues and initiatives in education facing our community and discuss the work of the State Board for 2022. Recently MJ and the rest of the State Board of Education have been working with the Washington State Legislature on alternative pathways to graduation for student in the state. MJ will fill us in on that work, and particularly on the related discussion of Mastery Based Assessment. AIER is offering this conversation for free in a virtual (zoom based) format.

So log-on March 10th , and hear what the State Board of Education is up to for 2022 and voice your ideas about education and our community.


This community Forum Conversation will take place on Thursday March 17th – from 4:00-5:00pm. The conversation will be moderated by Matt Miller from Pride Prep Schools.

How do I participate? :

If you would like to participate in the Community Forum Discussion with MJ Bolt you can sign-up at the Eventbrite link below. The engagement opportunity is free, but please sign up early as space is limited.

Here is the Eventbrite Link to sign-up to receive a link for the community discussion with MJ Bolt–reserve your spot at the table for March 10th, 2022. Once you register here, you will be sent a link for the zoom conversation by email.

If you have questions about participation in this community forum event, please contact Mike Poutiatine at AIER:


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