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AIER Event: 2024 Choice School Fair

Date: January 18th, 2024 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: The Hive Event Center Spokane Library 

Description: AIER, In partnership with Washington Charter Association (WaCharters) held the annual Choice School Fair on January 18th, at the Hive Event center.  The event annually brings together many different Choice Schools from all over our region to showcase what they offer to students and families looking for non-traditional options in education. 


The Event:

This year the event started with a brief presentation featuring Spokane Valley High School students about what “Choice Schools” are and why we need them in our local and regional educational ecosystems. Students spoke to the audience about why they personally decided to attend a Choice School, what they saw as the advantages of attending a non-traditional school, and what was different from attending a traditional public system.  

After the presentation. The audience were invited to circulate and meet representatives from 17 different choice schools in our region.  These 16 schools represented a mix of Public Schools, Charter schools, and Private schools, from the Spokane area and beyond; reaching as far as Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

The schools that attended and showcased their programs were:

  • Spokane International Academy

  • Pride Prep Schools

  • The Community School

  • Saint Georges School

  • Wired2learn Academy

  • Eaton Arrowsmith

  • Lumen High School

  • Spokane Public Montessori

  • WaCharters

  • HighBridge School

  • Spokane Valley Tech (SVT)

  • Central Valley Virtual Learning

  • Central Valley Open Door

  • Spokane Valley Learning Academy (Parent partnership)

  • Summit School (K-8 Expeditionary Learning Model)

  • East Valley Parent Partnership

  • East Valley Online Learning


The audience reported being very impressed by the number and variety of choice schools in our regions, and by the options available in our region to meet individual student needs.  A bonus of this event is that it provides active networking between schools and school leaders in our area.  

One of the school leaders said, 

“We try to attend this event every year, not just to meet parents and present what we have to offer for students, but also to see what other schools are doing outside of the traditional public school bounds.” 

AIER would like to thank WaCharters for their help underwriting this event, and thanks to all the schools who attended. We look forward to seeing you all next year. 

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