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Education Conversation Report: Conversation with MJ Bolt and Matt Miller

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

On March 17, Matt Miller met with MJ Bolt for a generative conversation about the work of the Washington State Board of Education and their passion for Mastery-Based Assessment in schools.

MJ has served for many years on the State Board of Education representing Eastern Washington to the Washington State Board and State Legislature. Recently, MJ and the rest of the State Board of Education have been working with the Washington State Legislature on alternative pathways to graduation for students in the state.

The conversation with MJ was facilitated by Matt Miller of Pride Charter schools, and focused on MJ Bolt's work with the State Board of Education. MJ offered up some information on the State Board's work with Mastery-Based Assessment and Curriculum, as well as the State Board's push for alternate route to high school completion.

Also included in conversation, the discussion delved widely into the area of school redesign. Specifically noting the need for diversity in school development to serve the many different pathways students could take to achieve their diploma.

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