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Innovation Summit!

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Event Title:

Innovation Summit


Consortium Launch 



Spokane Valley High School

2011 N Hutchinson Rd

Spokane Valley, WA 99212



8am - 1pm

July 17, 2024


  • Hold creative conversations about school design and re-thinking

  • Share resources for improving student, family, and community engagement

  • Experience hands-on workshops that model and inspire innovative teaching practices 

  • View student work and listen to student voice

  • Discuss problems of practice with other innovative practitioners

8:00am   - Breakfast

8:30am   - Keynote

9:00am   - Session 1 (workshops/discussions) 

10:30am - Break

11:00am - Session 2 (workshops/discussions)

12:30pm - Lunch and Closing

1:00pm   - End of Day


How much? 

$35 for the full day

*not including small convenience fee


including light-breakfast and lunch 

Event Purpose:

To Provide professional development featuring innovative, project-based, student centered, equity focused strategies and resources.


Contact: Mike Poutiatine 
Contact: Eric Jurasin 

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