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Listen - a film screening at Reardan High School

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Speaker Name: Ehram Christopher

Speaker Info: "Erahm Christopher is an award-winning filmmaker, published author and speaker who has created content and live experiences for audiences of all ages throughout the US and Canada. His productions contain thought-provoking messages that inspire critical thinking and change from individuals of all ages." (1)

Event Date: February 18, 2022

Brief Description of Event: On Friday February 18th a group of 80 school folks arrived at Reardan High School at 8:00am to participate in a staff/educator Professional Development day, featuring Erahm Christopher.

“The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen.”

Listen Event at Reardon High School
Listen Event at Reardon High School

The professional development morning was centered around Christopher’s award winning (2017) film, Listen. Listen is a film about schools, students, and mental health, and at its heart is about the power of listening to students. The summary of Christopher’s message two fold; 1) that the mental health of students matters and should be the concern of all adults in schools; and 2) that if we valued truly listening to what student are telling us every day, we could help ease or even alleviate many mental health issues for students.

The group of staff and educators from Reardan watched Christopher’s film and then engaged in several hours of great conversation about the film and its powerful message. Many of the Reardan staff and teachers noted that the pressures of daily life in school often distract us from taking the time to really listen and pay attention to the things that students are telling us about their lives. They also discussed the idea that if we do stop and pay attention to students and their lived experiences, we can help them to cope more effectively with their traumas, and to learn more effectively while they are in school. While we cannot control what happens to students outside of school, and we cannot “fix” all the things that go wrong in their lives, we can help them learn to cope effectively with these things and live healthier and more productive lives.

AIER, as an organization dedicated to innovation in schools is proud to help Erahm Christopher in his work. Sometime the most innovative thing we can do for students and schools is simply to listen.

You have to pay attention.

Your influence will alter life.

How you listen defines what happens to you and those you love.

For more about Erahm Christopher and his work on behalf of students in schools, visit:

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