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Learning Journey to Spokane International Academy

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Speaker Name: Hosted by Nate Pelton

Speaker Info: Associate Principal K-5

Date/Time: September 22, 2023

Brief Event Description

AIER coordinated with Whitworth's School of Education

During the experience, a student commented, "I love my teacher here - she likes teaching." Another commented, "I am learning Spanish that I can use at home."

Visitors shared the following reflections:

  • There seems to be a VERY friendly and engaged student body

  • The staff appear dedicated and have a shared culture of “relationships first”

  • Great integration of internationally focused curriculum across the entire school – K-10

  • Very accepting and supportive student culture – students feel part of the community when they are there.

The visit included the following people:

  • 17 Whitworth University pre-service undergraduate education students

  • 2 AIER Board Members

  • 2 Whitworth professors (Dr. Lisa Hoxie, Dr. Lori Johnson)

Other information shared about the school

What is the school known for?:

  • Strong dedicated and integrated International approach

  • Great student and parent community

Is there something at the school people rave about?:

  • Spanish Language mandatory K=12! - who else does that?

  • Very high teacher to adult ratios across all aspects of the school

  • Innovative 11-12th grade running-start integrated program

Is there someone at the school people rave about?:

  • Morgan Flowers – Head of School – visionary leader for schools

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