Mike Poutiatine

Mike has taught in schools in the Spokane region for 20 years and currently teaches for both Gonzaga University and Whitworth University. In addition, Mike runs a small consulting firm that specializes in school design and development.

Cleve Penberthy


For 40 years Cleve has helped lead secondary schools from the Northeast to the Northwest. Currently, Cleve is a consultant to the Gateway to College program at Spokane Falls Community College and is the Founder of Clarifying Conversations - a safe space for young adults to envision and discuss possible futures for themselves.

Matt Miller

Matt has been an educator in the Spokane region for almost 30 years. He served as a Teacher and Educational Technology Administrator for the Mead District, where he also coordinated CTE instruction. Matt served on the initial Design Team for Riverpoint Academy and currently is a teacher and Ed. Tech Coordinator at Pride Prep Charter School. Matt also currently serves on the Civic Theater Board.

Deborah Tully

Dr. Debbie Tully has experience as a classroom teacher, special educator, diagnostician, administrator and professor. Currently she serves as associate professor in the Whitworth School of Education, teaching courses in teacher preparation and directing the Masters in Teaching & Learning program. Her academic areas of specialization include special education, co-teaching, elementary education, social emotional learning, character education and student voice.

Charlie Wolff

Charlie is a Commercial Real Estate Broker with SDS Realty, Inc.  He has an aptitude for leading progressive change.  He is a strong supporter of education reform, business/economic development, entrepreneurship, and community collaboration.

Eric Sanchez


Eric Jurasin

Eric has spent the majority of his years teaching since 1996 in innovative situations and schools including West Valley City School and Spokane Valley High. He is passionate about helping kids do things that matter and using their minds well. Initially inspired by Deborah Meier's book "The Power of Their Ideas," Eric continues his work as a principal to strengthen and change systems in order to bring out each student's passion and potential.

Sarah Pooler

In Sarah's 15 years in education, she has continually advocated for meaningful learning for students. Whether she was re-designing curriculum, leading professional development, or as a founding teacher at Riverpoint Academy. Sarah is currently an administrator at Lewis & Clark High School leading a team of teachers exploring project based learning. She is also completing her PhD at WSU centered on a project based program within a comprehensive high school.